Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was at work last Friday when a friend sent a text message saying my aunt was constantly crying at home because of what happened to Japan. I called and apparently, my cousin in Japan called when the earthquake happened. My cousin was in the park panicking because of the tragedy. Her husband was on a train when the tsunami hit and the train happens to pass through a tunnel under water on his way home. After a few, the line was cut and we’re unable to contact her anymore. I am still hoping they’re okay. I hope my dad, who I never met, is also okay. I pray that he and his loved ones are all safe. This goes out to all the people in Japan, the other half of my being which i haven't met yet. All my prayers are with you, especially to all my relatives there.


  1. I've been reading your blog lately. I just stumbled upon it to the links of one of a blogger whom I follow.

    I can relate with you since I also have relatives in Japan. And thank God they're safe, although nasira ang bahay. Anyway, what makes me relate more was the second to the last sentence of the post.

    Kaku koto wa ganbatte ne! ^_^

  2. @kiki: wow it nice to know a guy who has the same life like mine... hehehehe... its really sad to see hwat happened in Japan but its sadder to know you cant do anything to know how they've been, especially the people you care about

  3. Yeah. Sad. But we know naman they're very disciplined and hard working so for sure thay can recovery quickly. ^_^


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