Monday, March 21, 2011

Blab: Underestimated


As I enhance my leadership skills with more responsibilities at the office, I firmly believed in the efficiency of delegation. It makes life easier for the leader and creates a sense of appreciation for the member. I’ve had a share of what it feels being entrusted with a task by your leader, and I say it feels good. I make sure my given task is done efficiently to please my boss and not disappoint them with the outcome. As I grow and nurture my skills, I’ve learned never to underestimate a person’s stupidity though. I need to learn how to delegate and still be more responsible in supervising the work. After all, supervision is a main task of a leader.


  1. IF only all the leaders have that same heart All the workers will be motivated to do their best.

  2. All the best to your supervision, sir :)

  3. @diamond r and carrie: thanks guys


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