Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blab: Tornado Week

Tornado Week

My first day was all boring until the last 30 minutes when the management decided to transfer me to the events department. Soon as the event manager found out about my talents, she insisted on getting me in her team. So in a day, I became the special events coordinator of ABS-CBN property management resources. How cool was that?

My second day was a totally different story. I had my station all right, but it was all a mess. I need to find a way to organize the stuff left by the person I replaced in the position. No time wasted, the management gave me an event assignment to prepare in a week time. No training, no adjustments, I need to get it right. It was all too busy for me on my first week. Adjustment has no place in that very fast phased environment. I need to learn a lot of things in so little time. Have they ever heard of the so called “learning curve?” Expectations were high.

The week ended with me unable to clean my station the way I wanted to. It was still a mess. Day by day, with a pocket of time from a very busy work schedule, I’m slowly organizing my stuff and getting my system in control (I’m sure I’ll find it). I can’t work properly if it’s all a mess.

It was shocking for me. I have to take it all in immediately. Stress isn’t the right term; but rather challenged for the exciting things to come. It will never be all fun and games; but at least I’m learning. I’m grateful.


  1. good luck with that! you can do it! they clearly saw potential within you. :)

  2. thank u...i still have alot of things to prove...but all is well...im happy


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