Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blab: Professionalism

Recalling a call centre drama:

It started in a meeting. A girl, soon to be my teammate, was continuously mocking and making faces every time I commented on something, I noticed but kept quiet. I confronted my supervisor who’s a close friend of the girl (as courtesy) and, as expected, he made excuses and defended her. After the shift, Ms. Palengkera wanted to talk to me. I agreed.

Apparently, her issue was when she was humiliated in front of a team with what I told her that I totally couldn’t remember. She knew it was out of ignorance and it all came out of her own rubbish mouth. “I was mocking and making faces because of what had happened... (blah-blah trying to make me remember) I knew it’s out of ignorance and unintentional. I knew it was a joke but it’s still unprofessional” so I apologized.

I wonder who’s more unprofessional between us. I who unintentionally, out of ignorance and jokingly commented unprofessionally; or she who intentionally and much aware of the unprofessional behaviour she showed during the meeting?

I was trying to make my point that she was wrong in the whole of this; but she doesn’t give up. Trying to make all excuses and defending herself in the argument. I thought she’s hopeless. She’s brave enough to enter a drama but doesn’t have the courage to admit she’s wrong. “What an upbringing” I thought. I stayed calm as possible during the whole confrontation while she was all screaming and shaking coz of anger. I was laughing in the back of my mind. She looked pathetic.

In a corporate world, there will be a lot of bitches and unprofessional skank who’ll roam around to try and break you. It’s inevitable, especially in the Philippine setting, to control such people. There’s a fine line between a professional-bitch-attitude and an unprofessional skank; either differs if it’s in place or not. For this girl, she’s totally all over the place, unprofessional skank. I find it funny that I wasted my time with her invitation when I knew from the very beginning that it would be pointless. I guess I missed high school drama after all.


  1. Pinakamaganda sa ganyang mga eksena ay mag focus sa makabuluhang mga bagay .They are vexation to the spirit. sooner or later malalaman din niya ito kung mismong siya na ang napipirwisyo ng kanyang sariling problema.

  2. wow, good attitude ang pinakita mo, for sure hindi lang ikaw ang nakapansin at makakapansin na walang etiquette ang girl na iyon and pagdating ng panahon madaming makakaaway iyon. hindi nagpapatalo ang palengkera but you should know,kahit magaling siyang magbunganga alam,puno ng anger ang heart niya at yung ang kinaTalo niya. Basta lagi lang kalmado. Be blessed and thanks sa pagclick ng follow sa blog ko, Ill do the same for exchange. :)

  3. you just did the right thing...keeping your cool while she blows her top. who's at the losing end?...carry on. You know better than her.

  4. @Diamond R: well marami na syang naperwisyo at alam na alam kong pati sarili nya naperwisyo na nya so i dont have anything to loose
    @mark:actually madami na syang nakaaway sa office and i never thought na magiging isa ako dun...she realized after our arguement how horrible she was, nakakaawa but i think she deserves to have that realization
    @mr g: thats actually my fave thing to do. be on the opposite end kasi nakkakatawa talaga pagmasdan ang mga tipo nya

  5. The presence (or absence) of intention makes all the difference. Good job, buddy.


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