Friday, March 25, 2011

Blab: Piercing


I came across an entry about a guy having his nipples pierced. It looks oh so painful and sexy at the same time. I remember back in high school when i was, I guess, having an identity crisis that I had some piercings done. I had my tongue pierced and kept it for years, until I decided to take it off since the hole was getting so big (coz I used to play with it often) that it almost had my tongue cut in two (imagine a marble-sized barbell ring could already pass through it). I then tried having my nose pierced (twice). Either was unsuccessfully healed so I gave it up. The most painful I had was in my navel. I almost passed out soon as the pierce went through the other end. I had it twice as well, but again unsuccessfully healed so I gave it up. Aside from confidence, piercing pain gives you a different high though. I guess it’s a reason why some were addicted to it. They say nipple piercing is the most painful since it has a lot of nerve endings, but is it more painful than having a pierce in your dick? I don’t even wanna try. Now, I’m piercing free. It’s enough that I had that phase in my life when I get to try it.


  1. Wow. Sa left earlobe lang ako meron. Pero parang gusto ko magpalagay sa lower lip tsaka sa kilay.

  2. I love piercing before pero now gusto kong maging malinis kaya hinayaan ko ng magsara mga butas sa katawan ko, sa tenga,ilong pati sa "you know". Kasi sa tingin ko hindi na siya "in" lalo na nggogrow-up na ako,magmumuka na kong iskwter.hehehehe

  3. napadaan...

    huwaw, never tried having any piercings sa katawan... parang masakit eh...

  4. @nishiboy: wow...un sana next target ko kaso things have changed...hehehehe
    @mark:tama! that's also what i thought kaya pinagtatatanggal ko na silang lahat...hehehe
    @arjee:life is short, try it and see if ull love it
    @Nimmy: havent tried piercing before?try it!

  5. My gosh! Hindi ako willing... HAHAHA!!! I dont wanna get piercings... Sobrang sakit... Ang low ng tolerance ko sa pain... =)

  6. @Vitori Thinks: well...piercing is not for you then...hehehehe

  7. there was a time when i considered having some piercings... on the nose and the ears or the lips. pero sabi ng friends ko hindi daw babagay sa akin so i didn't. and yeah i thought having a nipple piercing was so sexy. or sa belly button. but i didn't do it, i'm too afraid of pain. i have a low pain threshold.
    and about the piercing on the cock, isn't that called prince albert? i just heard it from a co-worker before, pero i really don't know the term...


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