Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blab: Maturity Hang Ups

Maturity Hang Ups

I was 17 and he’s close to 30. We fell in love and he became the love of my life. I’m now 24, and years after, he contacted me asking to meet up for dinner. I asked permission from my partner Vince if I could come, and he allowed. For some, it’s strange and pointless to meet an x-boyfriend for a friendly date; especially if you’re already committed. Vince and I have been together for almost 4 years. We have is an open minded relationship. We’ve been comfortable trusting our emotions that what we have is ours, a commitment. I think of meeting my ex as meeting an old friend.

We had dinner, catch up with each other and he was amazed to the fact that I was allowed to have a date with him. During our dinner I realized things. I thought how much my partner means to me and how I need to value the trust he gives me. I was happy to end the night knowing that I have a stable relationship with someone who’s open enough to that option. I respect him more for his permission.

The whole point for me is ironic to realize more of my love to Vince than to the so called “Love of my life.” And I am grateful. A simple catching up with my old friend has brought me more peace and happiness. No cruel intentions or malicious intent, I now know that I am matured enough to handle such situation.


  1. "love of my life" cares for you still. He might not love you as before ... but seeing you grow more and free at last ... to be really happy ...
    that is what he wants to happen ...

    treasure what you have now ... thanks to him you will be safe.

  2. i know and i understand...i care for him and i will forever do.he's not the love of my life for nothin


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