Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blab: Lost


I took a ride without knowing where to stop. I got out soon as I saw a familiar spot. I walked straight forward and asked around. Like an ant in a sea of people walking by. Amazed by the busy street, amazed by all the lights; continued walking until my feet bleeds. Hoping to find what I was looking for. Going to this bedazzle alienates me most. Walking here alone makes me uneasy. I once was lost in the same city. When will I learn my lesson? Will somebody help me?

Sky scrapers surrounded me. Busy people don’t bother to stop and help. The modernized beauty doesn’t amaze me. I know for a fact what lies beneath. The city never failed to disappoint me, always lost and angry. Complicated strings of streets in the sea, How can I ever be familiarized to this.


  1. And so we adapt. We learn how to survive.

  2. @emmanuelmateo: thanks
    @nishiboy: i know...i hope...someday!lol...what u said was definitely true!!!


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