Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blab: Inspired

I was given an event assignment that will last for 2 weeks; and it was definitely 2 weeks of chaos, adventure and drama. It was fun, challenging and stressful. The last day was the most fulfilling and overwhelming. Seeing the people pack their things up and saying their warmest “thank you” was the most rewarding. My boss didn’t say anything from the whole event. But whether she liked it or not, I am very proud of myself that I was able to pull it together. On top of those, many compliments were told to me after the event, from the participants to the people in my office. So I guess, I did something right after all. I am inspired.


  1. wow, that great. Like na like ko ang blog mo dahil positive ang mga nababasa ko. NakakaINSPIRED. :)

  2. @mark:thanks mark and ryan!appreciate it sooo much


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