Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blab: Insecurity

I think of it more often than not. It slowly eats and consumes whatever I have. It’s mostly what I don’t than what I have. It kills me to think I can never have a closer grasp. He’s all I can never be. I compensate by channelling to what I have. I try to brag whatever I can to cover the lack and space of what I miss. I definitely am my worst enemy. I know what’s wrong but I can’t do a thing. I just wanna be perfect or close to it. But the more I see him makes me feel less than what I should be. Jealousy is an understatement. My insecurity is killing me.


  1. ANg hirap maging kalaban ang mismong sarili dahil talo ka na.But its good if you know it dahil you can stop it.

  2. one of the best ways to defeat our self is to make an ally out of it. :)

  3. it is indeed a struggle. knowing the problem is enough to control it. thnks commenting guys

  4. insecurity (for me) is like the worst feeling ever. it makes you go over your flaws (even those that really aren't), feel bad about it and it eats up what's left of your ego little by little... plus it affects you in whatever you do...
    sometimes i think: are the people we deem as perfect or better than us have their own insecurities? well maybe... but they're better than most of us already... maybe insecurity is just something that affects everyone (or most, if not all)...
    i really hate being insecure about myself and some stuff, but oh well it's just there...
    and i agree.. knowing your insecurity is good. it is better than not knowing that you have it at all :)
    nice blabs :)

  5. @Carlo: everyone has insecurities, i believe...except if you're so egocentric and self contained that you dont have it in your system. anyway, i think its how we handle it and do our best not to let it eat us.thanks for a very nice comment carlo!


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