Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blab: Ideal and Standard

Weekend Blab: Ideal and Standard

Trish is an NBSB (No boyfriend since birth) 24 year-old attractive girl who works in a club as an event coordinator. We met up with her after work and had a nice drinking convo party in one of the sleek bars in Fort. “So why single?” I asked. “Guess I have high standards” she replied. “Don’t make it too high coz your standards might be too impossible to be a reality” I harshly answered.

Having a standard is good; living through the thought of the ideal guy is a totally different story. If you’re so into creating a fairy tale and a make believe guy in your head, you might end up rushing to have one with no standards at all anymore. Don’t make it too late to be less picky.

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