Friday, March 11, 2011

Blab: Guilty Insomniac (Part 3) Consumed

Guilty Insomniac (Part 3) Consumed

Alone, cold, late at night and sleepless; it’s when the moment comes. For when I don’t put it in pen it all goes out again. Waiting for the next one would be long after today.

It’s crazy and totally not organized. It’s the hardest part to rearrange my mind.

I crave for it, I want it... truth is, I need it.

Attention is less of importance. Immortality is what I long for. Appreciation is a bonus on one's set of mind.

I predicted before I started, the guilt that I’ll feel as I let it die. I took a sip until I finished. One more stick before it goes out. It refreshes and calms, I’ve been consumed by the vice. Why?

Who says it’s no good? The devil whispered and convinced my heart, I’m able to plan ways to be invincible. I give birth to an entity to have others’ life alive.

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