Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blab: Guilty Insomniac (Part 2) Rage

Guilty Insomniac (Part 2) Rage

It was a spoon full of realizations, originally and innovatively. As it goes overlapping my unjust mind, it creates a war and a race to get to the finish line. Who to come out first on a pit under fire? Reaching more than its boiling point, it usually all explodes one time. As I slowly give birth to some words to deceive, people's mind is vast for one to fit. It’s raging and extreme as it approaches the line. It’s depressing to see how it has become. Going out from a routine is a must. After which, I am caught in nowhere, nothing but a bunch of crap on my list, things to accomplish in just a night.

It’s when I enjoy the nights of being alone, sleepless and ecstatic of what to write. It’s essential to release some of what I have. It would go nonsense if I don’t let it out, unheard and never existed. Time is of the essence and time is my war. I need more of this, so much more of my time. How many chances have I got? How many opportunities for me to fail and not say it loud?

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