Monday, March 7, 2011

Blab: Guilty Insomniac (Part 1) Lax

Guilty Insomniac (Part 1) Lax

Dark and late, I rose and went off the stove. Started to heat the water, I look into the pack and questioned: Should I or not? The urge is so strong to resist. The solitude I enjoy. It’s seldom and momentum. As the soft wind blows through the quiet night, I felt chills. I took a cup and made my coffee, instant. I had a sip to taste the caffeine. Perfect and relaxing, ironic to what they claimed it to be.

I pulled a stick and lit up. Inhaled and blew it. I savoured it. It feels extravagant. As the fume arises, thoughts floated making it alive, once more. So many ideas of a one's creative mind have begun. It’s elusive and judgemental from an ignorant mind. Jack in a box has been brought to life.

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