Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blab: Gold Star

A gay acquaintance from North America told me that they call it gold stars. “In your gay life, have you had sex with a girl ever?” that was the topic. I proudly said I haven’t and will never do. Most of the guys in the table almost puked when someone admits that they did it. I remember when still a child, my dream was to become the perfect family man. I’d like to have a female child so I can grow her hair long and accessorize her every time I have the chance. That dream has yet to come true and it will, but never in the natural process.

The closest encounter I had with an Eve was when I was 4. We used to make out during our play date; we call it “Magmahalan” as we usually see it on TV. I kiss her everywhere and I put my pututoy on top of her flower. No penetration has ever happened though since we don’t have an idea that it should happen. One day we were caught by my cousin kissing in one corner and that was the end of our sex story.

I learned in nursing school that children of such age are sexual. Masturbation is normal to explore their heated desires, consciously or subconsciously. I never saw that playmate of mine since then; but if I do, I’d never repeat whatever we did, ever. I’ll never lose my gold star.


  1. so that means gold star/may gold star din ako.

  2. Ewwwness! Hahaha. Dumating din sa atin talaga ang ganyan stage. Nakaka-kilig.

  3. @nishiboy: apir!
    @princesspurakikinang: kinilig pa! gold star ka rin


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