Monday, February 14, 2011

Blab: Stability

We had a plan, to put up a business after working and saving in the call centre industry. It was a good plan, not until we got so comfortable living the life with good salary, better working schedule and great people that we were with. The past has been erased and old friends went by without looking back. With the lost came the gain: new friends, new places to go and new experiences. I realized that with what I have, I can never succeed on going back to the past, we need to move forward.

I now have a pending promotion as a team leader and have the chance to earn so much more for the business that we were planning. It was stable as we thought, until the higher people made decisions to put us back to square one and be transferred in a new department. It was disappointing and discouraging. Trying to keep the positive vibe as much as possible, we finally gave up. We can’t fool ourselves to believe that what we have is gonna last for a lifetime. Call centre is what it is, few are the people who were able to get on top and made it as their career. Not for us, there has got to be more than that.

It’s time to change our careers and have a normal life. Satisfaction is yet too far, for I think with whatever one do, satisfaction has its limits. If you have no growth, no stability, you would be restless and you would aim for a change. Distress is the first step to progress.

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