Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blab: Referral


My friend referred me to a job in ABS-CBN and it was my initial interview today. I’m excited and apprehensive. I left 2 hours early from home so I’d have enough time to travel in case something came up. Going there was a struggle. I’m not used to long commuting travels. Riding a train to Quezon Avenue is a requirement. The MRT station in Shaw is a mess. I never imagined waiting 30 minutes for the next train to pass. Exactly 12:59PM, i fell in line for the next train. I was timing my travel so I’d know how much I need if I get hired. 7 trains have passed on the other lane southbound, and none from ours. There’s definitely something wrong now. 1:30PM was when the train arrived. My interview is scheduled at 2:00 PM. I didn’t even made an effort to get in the train. I went with the flow of people and was pushed along until I reached the middle aisle. Inside was another story: the smell, the sweat and the temperature. I don’t even know where to begin. I was starting to think that maybe this is not for me. I’m really so superstitious. For all the unfortunate events happening, it must be telling me something. Arriving 1:45 PM at Quezon Avenue Station, I run as fast as I can to ride a tricycle going to the ELJ Building.

Ms. Pinky warmly welcomed me with a smile and a perky greeting. She was soft spoken and very friendly. I like her. “So, here’s what you’re gonna do...” she began telling me the job descriptions without even having the “tell me about yourself” parts of it. “Let’s make this very informal okay” she made me feel comfortable. The overall interview was fun. I am so excited to work there. “I’ll text you after a week or two when your station is ready, I still have to coordinate with HR to give you my proposed salary” I crossed my fingers. It was not even a usual interview, it’s like I went for the boss to see me; but basically I had the job even before they saw me.

I was so thankful to have this opportunity. “Beware of the queen B though” my friend warned me. They can’t seem to describe how bitchy the Queen B is, but I don’t really mind. All is positive for me. To be able to penetrate in a company far away from my background is so much to be thankful for. If worst comes to worse, I gave myself 6 months at least until I am able to get the money I need to launch a small business. Lasting there would be better, of course. I have so many plans now that I am able to get in the company. Workshops, seminars and the works to fulfil my dream of being in the production media is my target. I am simply thankful and humbled for the opportunity and the referral. I will forever be grateful to my friend.


  1. Good luck!! hope you can make it and become a kapamilya

  2. thanks! i'm really hoping and praying i'll make it! all i positive and joy!

  3. omy gosh nabuhay si princesspurakikinang!yeiz bax...lets have em bow down and get on their knees. the bitches are


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