Monday, February 14, 2011

Blab: Pursue the Dream

After taking the nursing board exam 2 months from graduation, I was left with no option. I can't wait for a month or two for the result while doing nothing. I need a job. I need to earn money. My friend helped me and my partner in applying as call centre representatives at one of the companies in Eastwood City Libis. We immediately got hired. I was never deprived anymore. Earning is really good, I could never complain.

But since graduation, there was the burning desire to start pursuing my profession as a nurse.

With the employment condition for nurses though, it took us a year and four months to be given an opportunity to have a volunteer job as nurses in a tertiary hospital in Marikina. It was time to leave the industry we have and follow our dreams to head into the future.

Everything went down: no weekend parties, low salary, no night life and no family time.

After 3 months of volunteer work, I got absorbed by the hospital and worked as a probationary staff nurse in the 6th ward. It was a fulfilling and simple life until I was transferred in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Realization came up while I was washing a patient’s ass one day, “this is not the life I wanna live for the next 20 years or so”. After giving myself so many reasons why I should quit, I finally did it 2 days before my regularization. I was not happy anymore, and I felt that the nursing life is really not for me. I took my partner with me and applied in one of the call centre companies in Tiendesitas Pasig.

Trying to head to the future, meant giving up my past and sacrificing so many things, even my own happiness. So after a week of application, me and my partner were starting over and regaining what we’ve lost after trying to pursue other people’s dream for us to become nurses.


  1. the important thing that your happy sa job mo kasi minsan the money your earning is not worth it coz your not hapy.

    as for me, i worked for a call center before and i really hated being there

  2. true! right now im pursuing a different career. hoping to be happy there. much too far away from the call center industry nor the nursing

  3. We are of contradictory in nature and that is what makes us adapt.

  4. @guyrony...well, i admire ur adaptation ability if that's the case. for me, i tried, but didnt succeed...but good for u. i can only wish i had that attitude

  5. We have a lot in common - more than you know.

    Well, except for the adobo part.



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