Monday, February 14, 2011

Blab: Opposing and Destined

Graduation is almost near; everyone was into taking up nursing since it’s the “in-thing” that time. I thought differently, I promised myself not to take up nursing because for one, I can’t imagine myself in a medical field and being a doctor’s assistant; and I don’t want to go with the flow of the nursing phenomenon. I took some entrance exams and finally hit the jackpot when I passed my exam in UST for the advertising course (first choice of school and first choice of course, what can be better than that!) I was so excited to tell it to my sister who’s in the states for she will be the one financing my studies. Soon as I announced my joy she told me not to pursue it, “Either take up nursing or not study at all” I had no choice. It was too late to be very picky on choosing a good nursing school. FEU was one of the big universities who visited our school to conduct their entrance exam so I took it for my last resort.

My next target was to take the exam at UERM, I believed they have one of the best nursing schools in the country. I gave it a shot along with 8 of my friends. Fortunately for me, I passed but none of my friends did. I knew it was for me. Before going back to the university to inquire about the process of enrolment, I decided to visit the guidance office of my high school. I was given a good news that I passed the entrance exam in FEU and I was eligible for a scholarship. I didn’t mind it anyway since I was so excited to go to UERM for my enrolment. When I got there, I was told that I cannot pursue my application since they only qualify students who have a general average of 85% and above. What can I say, I’m irresponsible back in high school so I only got 82%. Soon after UERM, I went straight to FEU to inquire about the enrolment process. I had no other choice. My scholarship was denied since my average did not meet the qualifications again.

I found myself taking up the course I promise not to take, and going to the school which is the least of my choices.

The first two years of my college life was rebellious. I gave my best on studying and getting good grades since I’ve always believed that getting an education is what’s most important; but I’ve always wanted to explore more things. Rather than nursing, I was planning to shift courses and take up BS Psychology or go to theatre class to pursue my passion in acting. Before my third year in college, the university required every student to pass the Battery exam (eligibility exam to continue the nursing course). I didn’t took it. My sister abroad found out about it and I was forced to take it late. I was given a second chance by our dean and I took a special exam. Of course I never took it seriously, I was the first one who finished the exam among the 10 other students in the room. After the exam I prayed, if nursing is not for me, fail me coz I don’t want to pursue on something that I might get disappointed with.

After a few weeks, the result of the exam came in. I got 96% which was ridiculously high that even I cannot believe it. So I thought it was a sign. I continued my nursing studies until I graduated college with flying colours.

Somewhat I realized, God is leading me to this direction no matter how hard I tried to resist and rebel on it. So I finally accepted that this is my destiny... to be a nurse.


  1. Good for you ^^ I actually had a different fate.

    I was initially planning to take Interior Design in college but my parents obliged me to take up Nursing. All I could do back in high school was to make sure I got good grades so I wouldn't have any problems applying to any school.

    I did manage to get in UST Nursing, graduated, passed all the exams thrown at me. My performance wasn't exceptional, but I did manage to get a board rating equivalent to our Magna ^^

    As of the moment, I still don't have a stable Nursing career? LOL I wanted to explore other possibilities available to me. Im great with bedside skills and all but I don't see myself stuck inside a hospital.

  2. well, same here. i dont see myself doing a nursing job for the next 20 yrs of my life. i'm currently finding my path, exploring more options than

  3. ang bright bright mo hahahaha congrats


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