Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blab: Move Forward

“You cannot run away every time it doesn’t go your way” Carlos blurted out sick and tired of my rants one evening as I burst my emotions about my career dilemma and how I badly wanted to get out of my current job. I tried to be defensive but even I wasn’t convinced of my own reasoning.

I was thinking too much about the future so I was so anxious to get a nursing job and it was granted. I had my future before me, everything was going well according to the plan. But I felt like living for the future of the people who dreamt it for me left me unhappy. I quit my nursing career and went back to the call centre industry. All I had in mind was to go back to my old life, old friends and just live my life to the fucking fullest. I was wrong. I can never go back to the past. Friends I had before has long been gone and they all have their own lives since I left for my nursing career. Now I am left with yet another dilemma in my career, what to do next?

One thing I realized is that living and thinking too much about the future would only stress me out.

Living too much to get back on my past is almost close to impossible.

Now I think I should live with the present and let life take me where it should lead me. Take a day at a time, think about the future to motivate me but not to be so consumed on thinking about it that it stresses me. Look back on my past to be reminded of the lessons learned but never dare to get it back. I must move forward.


  1. All the best, sis. You will be able to get through your dilemma. I suppose you're still young, and you still can risk/gamble, because you might still be able to shift careers. All you have to do is firmly decide on what to do next and brave through the challenges that go your way.

  2. thanks for the encouragement...hmmm...am i still considered young, im already 24...i feel so old for this...but all is positive

  3. it's an art to be able stay in the moment without losing sight of the future you want to face ;).

  4. @eternal wanderer: wow...thanks. appreciate it =)

  5. Life will always make you choose.

    Be it for the simpler of things or the more complex.

    And yes, stop overthinking. It pays to have a healthy mind and soul.

    For racing thoughts are only clutter.

  6. @guyrony: i couldn't agree more.. thats why i let go, lifted it up and doing my best to be at peace

  7. Step out of it for a little and try to look things in a different perspective. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with emotions, we lose that positive perspective.

    You are still young and a lot of things can still happen.

    Chill. Enjoy. Take everything one day at a time. :)


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