Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blab: Invest


“If you’re given a choice: a child without a husband; or a husband without a child?” I asked a single 30 year old girl friend. “Husband without a child” I was surprised. She explained and I began to agree, so much applicable in gay relationships as she explained.

It’s unnecessary for a gay man to grow old alone.

Investing in a happy long term relationship is of the essence. May it be a lover, a child, or friends; it’s of importance to have someone holding your hand as you go through the sunset of your life. People come and go as we age, even a child learns how to play with other kids of their generation.

Cherish every moment and invest.


  1. "love of my life" cares for you still. He might not love you as before ... but seeing you grow more and free at last ... to be really happy ...
    that is what he wants to happen ...

    treasure what you have now ... thanks to him you will be safe.

  2. hmmm... sana nga!


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