Monday, February 21, 2011

Blab: Impression of a Cold-Hearted Bitch

Impression of a Cold-Hearted Bitch

“In this business you need to be extra friendly. Improve your PR skills and be warmer to people” my friend is instructing me on what to do as I will soon start to work in the company where he’s into. I am worried. I am never a people person. They usually perceive me as a cold hearted bitch. I don’t give a shit to what others think and feel. It’s none of my damn business. I feel so fake if I try to be warmer to others. Even I am not convinced to my show.

I remember Jean, a friend of mine, told me never to create an impression if you don’t know the person yet. Creating an impression to someone eats you up to not let the opportunity that maybe you could be good friends one day. You assume things. You do things that you think is reaction but your actual initiation. It’s always a drama and a fun way to perceive and interpret a person by merely looking or observing things. Creating a story that she or he might have something against you just because you don’t like how they look at you or how they look, period. It’s a judgemental, unfair way of treating others having your insecurities outburst in a negative manner. I need to change. Don’t assume. Don’t trash-talk or talk at all if you don’t have anything good to say. And please, don’t be so intimidating.

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