Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blab: Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Eyes half asleep I stare blankly at nothing. They say a person dreams more than a hundred in one sleep. Trying to remember at least one, and kept on dreaming still. Thanks for the mist and the cool breeze of the morning air, I curled up in my bed and kept the smile inside me. I closed my eyes and whispered thank you, I blurted loud “Good morning world and good morning to you!”

I took a cup and sipped slowly. I love the lullaby of the street outside me. The noises all around reminding a busy day is yet ahead of me. I’m ready for wherever this day can take me.


  1. it only shows ur a positive and a happy person, you see the world as fun and exciting every time,sana ganyan din ako hehehe.

  2. gee thanks... believe me im not as positive as u think...doing my best to be though


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