Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blab: Boredom Inspires

boredom inspires

You give birth to ideas and creative works when you’re bored. Earlier this morning I posted a shout out in FB that I have nothing to do for the day. I planned on eating, sleeping and watching TV while surfing the net the whole day. A lot of people replied, mostly jealous for they have work to do. It’s nice to have so much time in your hands that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want it.

I had an invitation from a friend to come over so we can hang out and chill near their place. I agreed. Savouring the momentum of worry free and being careless of time, I was late to arrive as usual. “What are we gonna do?” I asked Charles and Zincha. “We’re gonna shoot a video” Charles exclaimed excitedly. Lately, he’s into video editing and we support him for that. We went at a nearby park. Less than 10 minutes after we entered, the guard announced they’ll be closing already. We had no choice but leave.

No idea where to go, I suggested to have coffee in a nearby cafe. We definitely had fun browsing through some blogs and basically shooting scenes for the video. I was excited to go back to his house to learn how to edit it. I wanna make one soon. Have I mentioned, it’s my ultimate dream to become a director? We ate dinner, drink a beer after and go through the program he’s using to edit the clip.

So many ideas went through my brain: concepts of my own video, stories, shots and scripts to use. It’s nice to be surrounded with creative friends who make your creative juice flowing. I’m excited.

I started the day bored and ended it inspired. Boredom can do good things for you after all.


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